Latest Fox News ‘Mailmen promoting ballots. Dumped in rivers. Chanced on in creeks’: Trump makes fraudulent claims about mail-in balloting

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President Trump and extinct Vice President Joe Biden argue about white supremacy and ANTIFA on the principle 2020 presidential debate.


WASHINGTON – Balloting rights experts sounded the fear over depraved claims President Donald Trump made about mail-in balloting for the length of Tuesday evening’s presidential debate and his refusal to claim that he would procure election results.

From claiming  mail carriers in West Virginia are “promoting the ballots” to arguing that mail ballots are being “dumped in rivers” and “creeks,” Trump ramped up his yearlong assault on mail-in balloting with misleading and conspiratorial statements in his first debate in opposition to Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“Here is no longer going to discontinuance wisely,” Trump warned, continuing his prolonged line of assaults about mail-in balloting for the length of the advertising and marketing and marketing campaign supposed to solid doubt over the legitimacy of the November election.

Election experts pushed support Wednesday.

“What he stated turned into as soon as stuffed with misstatements and inaccuracies,” Lawrence Norden, director of the Election Reform Program for the Brennan Center for Justice on the Fresh York College of Regulation. “Mail-in ballots are safe and gain. We’ve been balloting in some relish by mail for the reason that Civil War.

“It’s unhealthy to be making these false statements and accusations so conclude to the election.”

Trump would no longer commit to refraining from upfront claiming victory earlier than all absentee ballots are counted. He additionally warned he may perchance challenge the legitimacy of mail-in ballots to the Supreme Court docket to resolve the election.

“I possess I’m looking out on them to search on the ballots, positively,” Trump stated.

Here is a rundown of a few of Trump’s falsehoods and misleading statements about mail-in balloting:

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Latest Fox News Trump misleads on ‘unsolicited’ mail-in ballots

Trump claimed his objection to mail-in balloting is finest with “unsolicited” mail ballots, in conjunction with that they are “sending millions of ballots all over the build the nation.”

But in the perfect majority of states, in conjunction with nearly about each battleground teach, voters merely relish the diagram to query mail-in ballots. This entails Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona – the six states probably to decide the election.

Millions more of us are expected to vote by mail on memoir of the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless finest nine states and the District of Columbia are conserving universal mail-in elections – in which ballots are automatically mailed unsolicited to all registered voters without needing to first question one. 

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5 of these states, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Utah and Hawaii, planned to abet all-mail elections even earlier than the pandemic and finest one among these states – Nevada – is believed to be a swing teach in the bustle for president. By some distance, the teach that will memoir for most of the unsolicited mail-in ballots in the U.S. is California, which Biden is expected to purchase without reveal.


Who won the presidential debate is in the glimpse of the beholder as Trump and Biden argue, giving itsy-bitsy of substance to voters and both claiming victory.


Latest Fox News Ballots dumped in ‘creeks’ and a ‘wastepaper basket’

Decrying mail-in balloting, Trump stated, “There may perchance be fraud. They chanced on them in creeks. They chanced on some, true took living to relish the title Trump true the opposite day in a wastepaper basket.”

It appears Trump turned into as soon as relating to two separate cases from closing week – but neither quantities to clear examples of frequent voter fraud.

Fox Recordsdata reported three trays of mail that included some absentee ballots relish been present in a ditch – which Trump may perchance perchance relish been referencing when he stated “creek” – in Outagamie County, Wisconsin. The mail turned into as soon as en path to the post living of business and turned into as soon as returned to the postal inspector when discovered. Investigators didn’t hiss whether or no longer the ballots relish been being sent to voters or grew to was in by voters.

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Trump’s reference to “wastepaper baskets” stems from federal authorities announcing an inquiry into nine discarded mail-in military ballots recovered from a county elections living of business in northeast Pennsylvania. Seven of the ballots relish been solid for Trump.

Nevertheless the FBI stated there turned into as soon as no proof of a “coordinated” voter fraud advertising and marketing and marketing campaign.

Norden pointed to diverse safety features in living to relish obvious that mail-in ballots solid by voters relish it to election officers: guide of both events are assigned to video display absentee ballots; a path of that exists to relish obvious the amount of voters who sent support ballots matches the amount counted; and systems that allow voters to trace their ballots after returning it.

“These more or less baseless accusations wouldn’t relish any foundation if truth be told,” Norden stated.


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Latest Fox News West Virginia officers criminal Trump on false claim

Trump singled out West Virginia, pronouncing, “Rob a understand at West Virginia, mailmen promoting the ballots. They’re being equipped. They’re being dumped in rivers. Here is a injurious thing for our nation.”

The president turned into as soon as referencing a case from July in which a postal carrier in Pendleton County, West Virginia, pleaded responsible to mail and election fraud for altering the political affiliation on 5 voter absentee ballots applications – no longer ballots – from Democrat to Republican for the length of the teach’s essential.

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West Virginia Secretary of Pronounce Mac Warner, a Republican, issued a statement Wednesday to present “clarification” about Trump’s statements, noting that the case didn’t involve mail ballots.

“Voters must silent be confident that this election will seemingly be safe, gain, and honest appropriate-making an are attempting,” Warner stated. “This turned into as soon as a prime example of a right clerk, closely watching her election path of, and quickly reporting an anomaly as she had been trained to attain. The machine labored, and we relish been ready to all straight away voice the voters of West Virginia that the election turned into as soon as gain.”

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., turned into as soon as more pointed in his remarks.

“It’s unpleasant unsuitable that President Trump would deceive Americans to possess mail-in voter fraud is taking place in West Virginia,” Manchin. “There is not any longer any frequent voter fraud in West Virginia and any claim quite the opposite is false. “

Latest Fox News Trump states falsehoods on why ballots are rejected

At one other level in the focus on, Trump stated, “I read this day the build a minimal of 1% of the ballots for 2016 relish been invalidated. They make a selection them. We don’t fancy them. We don’t fancy them. They throw them out left and correct.”

The president turned into as soon as true about the amount of invalidated ballots. Primarily based fully fully on a represent from the U.S. Assistance Election Price, 318,728 absentee ballots, around 1%, relish been rejected in the 2016 presidential election.

Nevertheless there is not this kind of thing as a proof to indicate that election officers discarded ballots because they “don’t fancy them.”

The identical represent discovered 27.5% of ballots relish been rejected on memoir of non-matching signatures; 23% on memoir of left out factors in time; and 20% on memoir of no signatures, among other true reasons. Every requirement is meant to limit voter fraud.

It turned into as soon as safeguards designed to relish obvious the authenticity of absentee ballots that ended in 1% of them getting rejected in 2016. Rejected mail ballots are veritably the discontinuance consequence of user error by the voter, no longer fraud.

Latest Fox News Trump leaves out key level on prolonged factors in time

Trump bemoaned how some states allow mail-in ballots to be obtained days after the election.

Most modern court choices in battleground states much like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin prolonged mail-in ballots factors in time.

More: Appeals court allows extension of Wisconsin’s absentee pollfactors in time

“Can you agree with the build they hiss, ‘It’s some distance important to relish your pollin by Nov. 10?’ Nov. 10,” Trump stated. “That is seven days after the election, in idea, should always relish been offered.”

Nevertheless Trump didn’t level out that mail-in ballots in all states should always silent be postmarked by Election Day – and, in many states, days earlier than Election Day. No person will seemingly be actively balloting after Election Day.

Latest Fox News Two ballots don’t indicate two votes

As he railed on “unsolicited” mail-in ballots, Trump brought up a most up-to-date case in which voters in a “Democrat living” obtained two ballots. It appears he turned into as soon as talking about Fairfax County, Virginia.

“They sent two in a Democrat living. They sent out a thousand ballots. All americans bought two ballots. Here is going to be a fraud much like you’re going to relish got never considered,” Trump stated.

Spherical 1,000 voters in Fairfax County – and a minimal of 1,400 voters general in Virginia – obtained replica ballots in most up-to-date weeks on memoir of a printing subject, the Washington Publish reported. Local officers blamed the excessive volume of mail-in pollrequests for the error.

Nevertheless Virginia election officers wired that safeguards are in living to relish obvious that voters is no longer going to be ready to vote twice. That entails a verification machine that will reject the further pollif a individual tried to vote more than as soon as.

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