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Just when we all thought that Selena Gomez had finally cured herself of her own personal Biebermania, she split with her boyfriend, The Weeknd, and is bike riding and nuzzling with Justin Bieber. Here’s why the pair can’t stop, won’t stop!

Come on, admit it. When you first saw reports that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had spent a very long Sunday evening with friends at her house a week and a half ago, didn’t you get that “Here we go again!” feeling? So did I. And that’s because this pair have been very seriously on and then VERY seriously off for almost 6 years. They were first spotted kissing when Justin was just 16 and Selena was 18, in early January 2011. The pair took off on a Caribbean vacation and later that year, Justin pulled off the ultimate romantic date — renting out the entire Staples Center in LA for a catered dinner and screening of Sel’s favorite film, Titanic. Aww!

Now, maybe it was because of that ultimate grand gesture that Selena has never been able to completely wash that man out of her hair. But, then again, neither has the Biebs ever been able to completely cut the cord from his first love. And now, Nov. 1, this pair, Justin, 23, and Selena, 25, were spotted smiling happily riding bikes together in LA and then walking arm in arm with Selena’s head on Justin’s shoulder, just a few days after her split from boyfriend of 10 months, The Weeknd.

There’s no arguing how incredibly happy and connected these two look in the new photos. As body language expert, Dr. Lillian Glass, told exclusively, “Not only do they look madly in love, but they look like they are growing in love again… their relationship looks solid and mature.” So, after the numerous breakups and makeups, Justin’s romances with Sofia Richie, Hailey Baldwin, Chantal Jeffries, Yovanna Ventura and more, her hit song “The Heart Wants Why It Wants,” his hit song “Sorry,” his adorable serenading of Sel with “My Girl,” her commenting on his Instagram about “cheating,” his deleting of his Instagram, her stay in rehab, her kidney transplant and serious romance with The Weeknd… here we are again.

The pair spent all of Sunday together this past weekend, Oct. 29, from church to breakfast to a late evening visit to his mansion. Whether they’re actually “official,” they both look genuinely ecstatic to be back together. One inside source told exclusively that Justin has told Selena that she is “The One and he believes it… he wants to get back to the best girl he has ever been with, it almost feels like destiny.” And Selena, for her part, feel like “she and Justin were always destined to be together, no matter what happens and where life goes, Selena’s heart always ends up coming back to Justin,” another source told

Now, why is this? Why can’t these two, in the last 6 years of their on and off relationship, quit each other? And will they ever? There are two key reasons, according to psycho-therapist, Dr. Jenn Mann, author of The Relationship Fix: Dr Jenn’s 6-Step Guide To Improving Communication.

1. They have bonded over a very unique experience: “These are two people who have grown up and hit it big in show business at a vey early age and not many have experienced that and can understand. Not too many people can say ‘Me too,’ about having A-List status.”

2. They have bonded creatively: “They understand the process of being creative, which they both are.”

Now, let’s also throw in Selena’s life or death experience of having a very serious case of lupus, which necessitated a life-saving kidney transplant. That made her realize that “life is fragile and that she shouldn’t take anything for granted,” another insider told On top of that, Justin has reportedly been great to Selena since her surgery and they both realized it was time to grow past their history and be mature about the situation, according to Us Weekly.

Here’s the thing about Justin — over six years, through all they’ve been through, he keeps showing up for Selena, at the end of the day. “She may be returning to something familiar to her,” Dr. Mann points out. The bond is real and the bond is deep. That’s why these two just can’t quit. Let’s hope for the both of them, that this time it’s evolved into the longterm, loving and supportive relationship they both seem to want.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about JB and Selena reuniting?

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Why They Just Can’t Quit Each Other – Hollywood Life

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