3D printing shop closes after accusations of idolatry

Image copyright Al-Qabas News A 3D printing shop in Kuwait has reportedly been shut down by authorities following pressure from an Islamist cleric. The shop, which specialises in producing figurines that bear a life-like resemblance to real people, was accused of creating “idols” by Sheikh Othman al-Khamis. The Kuwaiti Al-Qabas newspaper reported that the shop […]

Breck Bednar murder: Film warning of online grooming launched

Media captionVideo raises awareness of online grooming A film telling the “absolutely horrific” story of how a 14-year-old boy was lured to his death by a man he met online has been launched. Breck Bednar was murdered by Lewis Daynes in Grays, Essex, in 2014. Four police forces have teamed up to produce “Breck’s Last […]

IBM launches tool aimed at detecting AI bias

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Algorithms and machine-learning could increasingly be used to calculate things like car insurance IBM is launching a tool which will analyse how and why algorithms make decisions in real time. The Fairness 360 Kit will also scan for signs of bias and recommend adjustments. There is increasing concern that […]

Facebook accused of job ad gender discrimination

Image copyright Facebook Image caption These ads were among those directed only at men on Facebook, according to the complaint Van driving, roofing, police work – all jobs for men. At least, that’s what a cluster of job ads placed on Facebook seemed to suggest. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Tuesday submitted a […]

Soylent meal replacement gets UK launch

Meal replacement drink Soylent will launch in the UK on Thursday with a different formula to its US equivalent. The firm has replaced seven ingredients and adjusted the mineral and vitamin content to comply with British regulations. Soylent was withdrawn from Canada in 2017 after reports that some people felt sick after drinking it. The […]

Google bans birds on bikes from algorithm contest

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Software can struggle to distinguish between birds and bikes Google wants pictures of bicycles and birds that can defeat image-recognition algorithms, as part of a contest launched to improve the technology. While it is easy for humans to tell the difference between birds and bikes, computer systems can struggle […]

Google admits changing phone settings remotely

Image caption Android Pie is the latest version of Google’s operating system. Google has apologised after Android phone users noticed that the battery saver setting was remotely activated last week without their consent. The battery saver affects how often apps update and work in the background. The firm took to discussion website Reddit to explain […]

WEF: Robots ‘will create more jobs than they displace’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Robots are expected to replace millions of jobs Millions of jobs are likely to be displaced by automation but we have less to fear from robots than some might think, a report from the World Economic Forum has suggested. The Swiss think tank predicts that robots will displace 75 […]

A new reality? Putting Magic Leap One to the test

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YouTube nursery-rhyme channel with billions of views sold

Image copyright Little Baby Bum/YouTube Image caption Little Baby Bum’s animated videos are brightly coloured and feature a range of characters One of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, which features animated nursery rhymes, has been sold. Little Baby Bum was founded by a London-based couple in 2011 and has racked up 17.5 […]