The $300 system in the fight against illegal images

Image copyright Christian Haschek A security researcher has built a system for detecting illegal images that costs less than $300 (£227) and uses less power than a lightbulb. Christian Haschek, who lives in Austria, came up with the solution after he discovered an image showing child sex abuse had been uploaded on his image hosting […]

Amazon Echo comes to Marriott hotels

Image copyright Amazon Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa will be installed in some US Marriott-owned hotels, following a partnership between the two firms. Its functions will include ordering room service, housekeeping and providing concierge advice, the firm said. The Wynn Resorts chain in Las Vegas installed the Amazon Echo in around 5,000 hotel suites in 2016. […]

Apple fined for misleading customers in Australia

Image copyright AFP Image caption Customers were refused phone repairs in breach of Australian law An Australian court has fined Apple A$9m (£5m;$6.5m) for refusing to fix iPhones and iPads that had been serviced by third parties. The nation’s consumer watchdog took the tech giant to court last year following complaints from users about faulty […]

YouTube’s paid music and video services come to UK

Image copyright YouTube Image caption YouTube announced the expansion of its subscription services at a London press conference YouTube is expanding its subscription-based music and video services to the UK and a further 11 countries. The “premium” facilities strip ads from the platform’s content and allow it to be downloaded rather than just streamed. The […]

Facebook cuts out gun-accessory ads for children

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sellers of gun accessories can currently advertise to any Facebook user Children will stop seeing adverts for gun accessories on Facebook as it updates its policy from 21 June. Currently, ads for scopes, holsters, gun-mounted lights, slings, sights, belt extras, safes and many other items can be seen by […]

Huawei rejects Australia security concerns

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Huawei has offered to set up a testing centre to allay fears over the security of its hardware Chinese telecoms company Huawei has sharply criticised Australian government comments about its policies and products. In an open letter, it says the comments were “ill informed and not based on facts”. The […]

Computer game addiction: ‘I spend 20 plus hours a week gaming’

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Tomorrow’s Cities: Will the bike become an urban must-have?

Media captionWATCH: The bike that talks to the city Cities around the world are turning to the bicycle to help solve congestion and pollution issues, as urbanisation increasingly puts pressure on traditional infrastructure. Fifteen years ago there were just four bike-sharing schemes in cities around the world, but now there are close to 1,000. Most […]

Google diversity figures show little change

Image copyright Getty Images A new report from Google has revealed that little has changed despite a commitment to increasing diversity among staff employed by the tech giant. Overall nearly 70% of Google staff were men, as has been the case since 2014. In the US almost 90% were white or Asian, 2.5% were black […]

Call of Duty takes aim at Fortnite Battle Royale at E3

The next Call of Duty game – Black Ops 4 – is to include a Battle Royale mode. The last-to-survive challenge has already made Fornite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds into massive hits. But as BBC Click’s Kate Russell reports, it’s not the only title preparing to invade rivals’ turf. Follow the BBC team at E3 […]

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