Stephen Hawking’s PhD thesis was so popular it broke Cambridge University’s website – New York Daily News

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking’s PhD thesis from Cambridge University was so popular the day it became publicly available that it crashed the university’s website. Hawking’s 1966 thesis, entitled “Properties of expanding universes,” was reportedly viewed more than 2 million times within days of it being made public. “This is far […]

Cryo-EM Captures Atomic Images Of Finger-Like Growths That Cause Batteries To Blow Up – Tech Times

Atomic-level images of dendrites, finger-like growths that are capable of penetrating the barrier that separates battery compartments and cause batteries to blow up, shed light on why batteries fail. Cryo-EM Dendrites hamper the ability of batteries to store more energy posing a stumbling block for battery-operated devices and electric cars to work longer. […]

Getting to and living on Mars will be hell on your body – Engadget

“There are a lot of challenges that are preventing us from even getting there in a healthy state,” said Bradford in a keynote speech at the event. As a human-space-exploration expert, he’s been working on a way to mitigate many of those problems by putting astronauts in a “torpor state” of prolonged hypothermia. It not […]

Weather looks excellent for Monday SpaceX launch from KSC – Florida Today

x Embed x Share CLOSE 2017 ROCKET LAUNCHES FROM THE SPACE COAST Atlas V rocket launches from Cape Canaveral with secret satellite | 1:09 An Atlas V rocket blasts off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station with a secret National Reconnaissance Office satellite on Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017. x Embed x Share CLOSE 2017 ROCKET […]

Dinosaur sported ‘bandit mask’ – BBC News

Image copyright Robert Nicholls Image caption Artwork: Sinosauropteryx probably lived in open environments, under constant threat of predation A dinosaur from China sported a “bandit mask” pattern in the feathers on its face, scientists have said. Researchers came to their conclusion after studying three well-preserved fossil specimens of the extinct creature, called Sinosauropteryx. They were […]