150-million-year-old ‘sea monster’ unearthed in India – Fox News

ARTIST IMPRESSION OF PREGNANT ICHTHYOSAURUS. (CREDIT: COPYRIGHT OF JOSCHUA KNÜPPE) An almost complete fossil of the giant ‘lizard fish’ Ichthyosaur has been unearthed in India. It’s the first time the 150-million-year-old fishlike reptile has been found on the sub continent.  (Prasad et al., 2017; Guntupalli Prasad) At 5.5m long, this Jurassic-era sea […]

NASA’s Halloween playlist features the eerie sounds of space – Mashable

Is your classic Halloween music sounding a little stale? Maybe it’s time to spice it up with some truly scary tracks: horrifying sounds from the void of space. In honor of Halloween, NASA has released its own playlist filled with converted sound files showing off the interplanetary music of our cosmos. It’s pretty spooky stuff. […]

Bible May Record Oldest Known Solar Eclipse – Live Science

The Old Testament Book of Joshua may contain the oldest known reference to a solar eclipse recorded by humanity. And it occurred 810 years ago today (Oct. 30). If so, this poetic reference firms up the dates of the reign of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses the Great (also called Ramesses II), according […]

How do human genes act in space? – EarthSky

<!– googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘post_link_unit’); }); –> NASA’s Twins Study preliminary results have revealed that space travel causes an increase in methylation, the process of turning genes on and off, and additional knowledge in how that process works. NASA’s Twins Study investigates subtle effects and changes that might occur in spaceflight as compared to Earth. This […]

Small object visits from beyond solar system – EarthSky

<!– googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘post_link_unit’); }); –> View larger. | This animation shows the path of A/2017 U1, which is an asteroid — or perhaps a comet — as it passed through our inner solar system in September and October 2017. By tracking its motion, scientists have been able to calculate it probably originated from outside […]

Korean communications craft installed on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket – Spaceflight Now

“Monday morning will be chilly on the spaceport with temperatures dipping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and lighter northerly winds,” forecasters from the Air Force’s 45th Weather Squadron wrote in an outlook released Sunday. “There is a very slight risk for the stronger winds to linger into Monday’s launch window.” Conditions are launch time should be […]

NASA Sounding Rocket To Probe The Space Between The Stars – Forbes

NASA Sounding Rocket To Probe The Space Between The Stars – Forbes

NASA is to launch a sounding rocket for a 15-minute exploration of one of the deep mysteries of space – the intergalactic medium. The cold, dark spaces between the stars and galaxies of the night sky aren’t empty – that’s actually where most of the matter in the Universe is. It’s called the intergalactic medium, […]

Nobel Prize Winning Technique Discovers Reason Behind Battery Fires – Forbes

Nobel Prize Winning Technique Discovers Reason Behind Battery Fires – Forbes

A technique known as cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) won the 2017 Nobel Prize in chemistry and has been used by scientists at Stanford University to capture the first atomic-level images of growths in batteries, which have been one of the largest limitations to developing better batteries. These crystal growths appear finger-like in nature and contribute to […]