Bizarrely Huge Planet Discovered Orbiting Tiny Star – National Geographic

Of the worlds it spotted, precious few were giant planets in snuggled-up orbits — although at least one of those, reported by Harvard University’s John Johnson, contains a similarly large planet orbiting a tiny star. “I wouldn’t call this [new planet] an oddball, in that it wasn’t unexpected,” Johnson says. “But it certainly is a […]

Slow flow of human immigration may have doomed Neanderthals – Fox News

FILE – In this Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014 file photo, visitors take pictures of models representing Flores, human and Neanderthal women in the “Musee des Confluences”, a new science and anthropology museum in Lyon, central France. Neanderthals had a long run in Europe and Asia, but they disappeared about 40,000 years ago after modern humans […]

Scientists discover India’s oldest fossil of a Jurassic sea monster – Washington Post

The ichthyosaur skeleton is the first from the Jurassic era to be found in India. (AFP/PLOS ONE) Call it what you wish: fish lizard, sea monster, ichthyosaur. After tens of millions of years, and then 1,500 hours of digging, paleontologists in India have unearthed the strikingly intact skeleton of an ichthyosaur, a marine reptile more than five meters long that resembled […]

Asteroid impact plunged dinosaurs into catastrophic ‘winter’ – BBC News

Image copyright BARCROFT PRODUCTIONS/BBC Image caption Artwork: The impact hit with the energy equivalent to 10 billion Hiroshima bombs Scientists say they now have a much clearer picture of the climate catastrophe that followed the asteroid impact on Earth 66 million years ago. The event is blamed for the demise of three-quarters of plant and […]

Stargazers find twenty new Earth-like planets that could host life – Fox News

(Credit: iStock) Stargazers have discovered 20 worlds “hiding in plain sight” which they believe could be habitable. Analysis of data from the Kepler space telescope revealed a list of planets that orbit stars like our own sun. Each potential new world comes with varying orbit times, including one that takes the equivalent […]

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