Arsenic in Pakistan groundwater ‘alarmingly high’ – The Peninsula Qatar

Miami:  Levels of arsenic in the groundwater of eastern Pakistan are “alarmingly high” and pose a significant health hazard to tens of millions of people who drink the water, researchers said Wednesday. The study in the journal Science Advances is the first to create a comprehensive map of arsenic in the groundwater across […]

Martian Weather Kicks into High Gear at Night – Scientific American

When night arrives on Mars, plunging temperatures can lead to weather much worse than researchers previously thought was possible on the Red Planet. Snowstorms can spring up with whipping winds that could create problems for missions to the planet, according to a new study.   The analysis upends researchers’ previous assumptions that Martian […]

4 things to do with your solar eclipse glasses – CNET

Don’t throw them away now that the fun is over. Sarah Tew/CNET Now that the excitement is over, don’t toss your eclipse glasses just yet. Here are some ways to give them a second life and keep them out of the landfills.  1. Use them as DIY camera filters Many people placed their glasses over […]

Experiencing Totality: Eclipse Stories From Sky & Telescope – Sky & Telescope

Experiencing Totality: Eclipse Stories From Sky & Telescope – Sky & Telescope

With our editors and writers scattered across the eclipse path today, we have dozens of stories to share. Here are a few. Third contact, as seen in Rexburg, Idaho.Gert Cazemier To experience a total solar eclipse is to experience the sublime. It is to encounter something that is so awe-inspiring, so earth-shattering, that you lose […]

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