Quit smoking campaign Stoptober backs e-cigs for first time

Image caption The Stoptober campaign runs from 1 October The annual Stoptober campaign in England is embracing e-cigarettes for the first time – in a sign vaping is being seen as the key to getting people to quit. Health experts have tended to shy away from explicitly promoting e-cigarettes. But the government campaign during October […]

Court ruling not needed to withdraw care, judge says

Image copyright Getty Images Legal permission will no longer be required to end care for patients in a permanent vegetative state, a judge has ruled. Until now a judge must also consent, even if medics and relatives agree to withdraw nutrition from a patient. But in what been described as a landmark decision, those cases […]

Nine in 10 GPs rated good or outstanding

Image copyright Science Photo Library Nine in 10 GP surgeries in England have been rated as good and outstanding by inspectors. It means general practice is the highest performing sector in the NHS, according to the Care Quality Commission ratings, above hospitals, mental health and social care. But inspectors did flag up safety concerns at […]

Chronic fatigue therapy ‘could help teenagers’, study says

Image copyright Thinkstock A training programme tested on children with mild or moderate chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) can reduce fatigue and increase attendance at school, a small study from the University of Bristol suggests. The Lightning Process, a type of brain therapy, was used alongside specialist medical care. But ME charities said they did not […]

UK scientists edit DNA of human embryos

Image copyright Kathy Niakan Image caption The genetic machinery needed to modify the DNA is injected into the embryo The blueprint for life – DNA – has been altered in human embryos for the first time in the UK. The team at the Francis Crick Institute are unravelling the mysteries of the earliest moments of […]

Life-extending lung cancer nivolumab drug approved

Image copyright Getty Images A life-extending lung cancer drug will be made immediately available to NHS patients in England, say advisers. Campaigners, including the late Sunday Times restaurant critic AA Gill, have repeatedly called for access to the immunotherapy, which can add months to life. Scotland already offers nivolumab to people with advanced disease who […]

Quarter of 14-year-old girls ‘have signs of depression’

Image copyright Getty Images A quarter of girls and nearly one in 10 boys show signs of depression at the age of 14, say UK researchers. The government-funded study of over 10,000 young people looked at how many experienced the signs of depression not a clinical diagnosis of one. Being from a poorer background or […]

Facebook trial lets users hide alcohol adverts

Image caption Facebook is testing a tool that allows users to hide alcohol adverts. Facebook is testing a tool that lets people hide advertisements for alcohol. It is the first time a social network has let people proactively block adverts on a specific topic. The move has been welcomed by Alcohol Research UK, which says […]

Sterilisation implant withdrawn from non-US sale

Image caption The coil is inserted into the fallopian tubes Sales of a sterilisation device are being halted in all countries bar the US, weeks after the Victoria Derbyshire show reported it could cause problems. The Essure implant, which is available on the NHS, has left some women in chronic pain, and some have even […]

Nerf guns can lead to serious eye injuries, doctors warn

Image copyright Jonathan Brady/PA Wire Image caption Toy guns can lead to eye injuries, particularly if the bullets are hard and travel at speed Bullets from Nerf guns can cause serious eye injuries, doctors from a London eye hospital are warning. They treated three people with internal bleeding around the eye, pain and blurred vision […]