NHS funding: Theresa May unveils £20bn boost

Media captionMrs May said the extra funding amounted to billions of pounds a year extra for the NHS The NHS in England is to get an extra £20bn a year by 2023 as a 70th “birthday present”, Theresa May says. It means the £114bn budget will rise by an average of 3.4% annually – but […]

Cannabis oil row: Boy has epilepsy medication returned

Media captionCharlotte Caldwell says “history has been made” after the Home Office allowed her son to use cannabis oil A boy with severe epilepsy has been given back medicinal cannabis oil that was confiscated from his mother at customs, the home secretary has said. Billy Caldwell, 12, received the oil after doctors made clear it […]

Over 40s health check to include dementia advice

Image copyright Getty Images People over 40 in England will be given advice on dementia as part of their free NHS health check. Guidance on how to reduce the risk of dementia will be given to patients at GP surgeries and through community health programmes. Public Health England (PHE) said up to one-third of dementia […]

Teenager’s cowpox diagnosis surprises doctors

Image copyright Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundations Trust Image caption Distinctive cowpox lesions appeared on the boy’s hands, arms and feet A 15-year-old boy has surprised doctors by contracting cowpox, a historical disease now so rare it has not been seen in Wales for more than a decade. The teenager, who lives on the […]

Children in England consuming ‘twice as much sugar as recommended’

Image copyright Getty Images Children in England have already consumed more than their recommended sugar intake for 2018, according to Public Health England survey – and we’re only halfway through June. Four to 10-year-olds are eating more than twice as much sugar as they should per day, equivalent to 13 sugar cubes. That amounts to […]

Babies most likely to be born at 4am, study finds

Image copyright Getty Images Four o’clock in the morning is the time most babies are born spontaneously in England, with the majority arriving between 01:00 and 07:00, a study shows. While planned C-section births tended to happen on weekday mornings, births after induced labours were more likely to occur around midnight. Overall, more than 70% […]

Gene therapy reverses rat’s paralysis

Media captionParalysed rat picks up sugar cube after gene therapy repairs spinal cord Scientists say they have taken a significant step towards the goal of giving paralysed people control of their hands again. The team at King’s College London used gene therapy to repair damage in the spinal cord of rats. The animals could then […]

Cannabis addiction ‘rising among women and over 40s’

Image copyright diego_cervo Image caption Cannabis addiction is rising among women Addiction to cannabis is rising among people above the age of 40, and women in particular, according to a study by the University of York. In the past 10 years, the number of women citing the drug as their sole concern at treatment centres […]

Unfit in middle age: Are you doomed?

Image copyright Getty Images Are you someone in middle age who keeps putting off that planned health kick for another day? If so, a couple of new studies may give you a sense of urgency. One paper found that elevated blood pressure in middle age increases the risk of dementia, while another says being frail […]

‘Women spend more time planning holiday than pregnancy’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ideally, women should plan a pregnancy months in advance, experts say Some women spend more time planning their summer holiday than they do a pregnancy, a survey by baby charity Tommy’s suggests. Only one in five started taking folic acid before stopping contraception, while one in six didn’t take […]