Keeping livers ‘alive’ boosts transplant success, trial finds

Image copyright David Nasralla Image caption The normothermic perfusion machine pumps oxygenated blood and nutrients into livers outside the body Keeping donated livers “alive” with a machine prior to transplants boosts the chances of a successful operation, a landmark trial has found. Usually livers are kept in ice prior before the surgery, but many become […]

Thalassaemia gene therapy trial shows ‘encouraging’ results

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption High blood iron levels from regular blood transfusions require treatment in patients with thalassaemia Scientists say they are “excited” by the results of a gene therapy trial for the inherited blood disorder beta-thalassaemia, which reduced the need for blood transfusions. In 22 patients, blood stem cells were extracted, […]

Mental health patients want immediate diagnosis, says report

Image copyright Getty Images Mental health diagnosis needs to be useful for patients and not simply a meaningless label, a report suggests. Research from Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and University of East Anglia suggests patients would prefer to be told their diagnosis face-to-face rather than by other means. However, doctors said that a […]

Migraine: New drug works when others fail, researchers say

Image copyright SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY A new migraine medication – one of the first bespoke drugs for decades – appears to work well even when others have failed, researchers have said . Erenumab is a monthly injection that might soon be offered to patients on the NHS if the cost can be justified. The latest […]

NHS ransomware attack response criticised

Image copyright AFP Image caption WannaCry was the biggest cyber-attack to have affected the NHS The government and NHS bodies have been criticised by MPs for failing to implement measures to improve cyber-security nearly a year after a major ransomware attack on the service. Twenty-two recommendations were made after the WannaCry attack led to nearly […]

Malaria experts fear disease’s resurgence

Image copyright Science Photo Library For the first time in 10 years, global malaria cases are no longer falling, sparking concerns about a resurgence of the too often deadly disease. Experts, and philanthropist Bill Gates, are urging country leaders gathering at the Commonwealth summit in London to pledge more money to fight the illness. In […]

Scotland’s highest paid doctors mainly men

Image copyright Getty Images Scotland’s top earning senior doctors are overwhelmingly men, BBC research has found. The figures showed just 15 out of 100 of the highest-paid consultants across Scotland’s health boards were women. The Freedom of Information data suggested just two of Scotland’s NHS boards had as many as three women among their top […]

Does vaginal seeding boost health?

Should Caesarean-section babies be smeared with a sample of their mother’s vaginal fluids as soon as they are born? “Vaginal seeding” is not mainstream medicine, but it is growing in popularity. The idea is to give these newborns something they missed when they emerged into the world – the good bacteria that live in their […]

European women twice as likely to be blonde as men, study says

Image copyright Getty Images Women from European descent are twice as likely to be naturally blonde as men, according to new research. The largest ever genetic study on pigmentation looked at nearly 300,000 people of European descent. It found 124 new genes that play a major role in determining human hair colour variation. The report’s […]

Alfie Evans case: Court rules against parents again

Image copyright ACTION4ALFIE Image caption Alfie Evans is in a “semi-vegetative state” in the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital The parents of terminally ill toddler Alfie Evans have lost their latest legal battle. Tom Evans and Kate James asked Court of Appeal judges to rule that the 23-month-old should be allowed to receive treatment in Italy. […]

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