Silencing Big Ben necessary to protect workers, says TUC

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The bells will still sound to mark New Year celebrations Silencing the chimes of Big Ben while repair works take place is “common sense”, the TUC has said. The trade union body spoke out after newspapers criticised the decision to silence the chimes for four years to protect workers’ […]

Brexit: UK suggests ‘temporary customs union’ with EU

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The EU’s customs union means members charge the same tariff on goods coming from other countries The UK has set out the “ambitious new customs arrangement” it wants to secure with the EU after Brexit. Ministers said the plans would mean the “freest and most frictionless possible trade” with […]

Jo Cox George Medal ‘hero’ Kenny dies

Image caption Bernard Kenny paid tribute to Jo Cox at a Batley Bulldogs rugby match The man who was awarded the George Medal for trying to stop the murder of MP Jo Cox has died, his family says. Bernard Kenny was stabbed as he intervened when Thomas Mair attacked Mrs Cox in Birstall, West Yorkshire […]

Corbyn: Trump comments on Charlottesville ‘not enough’

Image caption Jeremy Corbyn said there was “no equivalence” between white supremacists in the US and the situation in Venezuela US President Donald Trump’s response to the Charlottesville attack was “not enough”, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said. After deadly violence erupted over a white supremacist rally in Virginia, Mr Trump said he condemned “hatred, […]

Big Ben’s bongs to fall silent until 2021 for repairs

Image copyright Reuters Big Ben’s famous chimes will fall silent from next week until 2021 to allow essential repair works to take place. The bongs will sound for the final time at midday on Monday before being disconnected to allow the clock and surrounding tower to be restored. The Great Bell has sounded on the […]

Philip Hammond and Liam Fox in post-Brexit deal call

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Philip Hammond and Liam Fox have previously held opposing views on the Brexit process The UK will need a transition period to help businesses adjust after Brexit, the chancellor and the international trade secretary have said. In a joint Sunday Telegraph article, Philip Hammond and Liam Fox stressed any deal […]

UKIP’s Mike Hookem quits role over Anne Marie Waters leadership bid

Image copyright PA Image caption Mike Hookem said he ‘strongly disagrees’ with the views of Anne Marie Waters A senior UKIP MEP has resigned as deputy whip in the European Parliament over support within the party for an anti-Islam campaigner. Anne Marie Waters, who founded the Sharia Watch pressure group and has called Islam “evil”, […]

UKIP’s deputy leader defends anti-Islam candidate’s leadership bid

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Peter Whittle is one of 11 candidates standing in UKIP’s leadership contest It is right that anti-Islam candidate Anne Marie Waters is allowed to stand for the leadership of UKIP, the party’s deputy leader has said. Ms Waters is the founder of the Sharia Watch pressure group and has […]

Grooming gangs should get longer sentences ‘if abuse is racist’

Image copyright Getty Images Gangs who sexually abuse young girls should be given longer prison sentences where there is evidence of racism, the solicitor general has said. Robert Buckland told the Telegraph that racism cut “all ways” and should be “front and centre” when it is part of grooming and sexual abuse cases. On Wednesday, […]

Anne Marie Waters: Anti-Islam candidate to stand for UKIP leadership

Image copyright Shutterstock Image caption The former Labour party member says Sharia courts “treat women like absolute dirt” An anti-Islam candidate has been allowed to stand for the UKIP leadership. Anne Marie Waters, a former Labour activist and founder of the Sharia Watch pressure group, has previously called Islam “evil”. Her leadership bid has split […]