Theresa May says Brexit deal ‘good news’ for all voters

Media captionTheresa May: “What we are looking for is a deal that is right for the United Kingdom” An agreement to move on to the next phase of Brexit talks is “good news” for both Leave and Remain voters, Theresa May has told MPs. She told Parliament it should reassure those who feared the UK […]

Brexit deal is a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ says EU

Media captionThe prime minister announced the deal on Friday The agreement to move Brexit talks on to the next phase is not strictly legally binding but the two sides have “shaken hands” on it, the EU has said. The European Commission said the UK had endorsed the “gentleman’s agreement” between David Davis and Michel Barnier. […]

It’s time to ’embrace an android’ says Labour’s deputy leader

Worried that a robot will one day take your job? Don’t fear says a senior politician who is urging people to “embrace an android”. If machines can take over routine tasks, deputy Labour leader Tom Watson believes, it will liberate people to focus on areas generating more wealth. If properly regulated, he says the growth […]

Second EU referendum e-petition debated

Image copyright Getty Images A petition calling for a second EU referendum will be debated by MPs later. The online petition has attracted more than 130,000 signatures since September. The petition calls for voters to be given a “final say” on the Brexit deal before the 2019 exit date. The government said Brexit had “the […]

Ban pension cold-calling now, MPs demand

Image copyright Getty Images Cold-callers trying to sell pensions could be banned by next summer if the government takes action now, a group of MPs has demanded. Members of the Work and Pensions Committee said that otherwise, the ban may not happen until 2020. The MPs want the government to include the measure in a […]

Brexit: Theresa May claims new sense of optimism in talks

Image copyright PA Image caption Theresa May attends a Church service in her Maidenhead constituency Theresa May will tell MPs there is a new “sense of optimism” in the Brexit talks after her last-minute deal aimed at moving them to the next phase. She will say she expects EU leaders to agree to start talks […]

Brexit: David Davis wants ‘Canada plus plus plus’ trade deal

Media captionDavid Davis: “No deal means we won’t be paying the money” Brexit Secretary David Davis says the UK wants to secure a free-trade deal with no tariffs when it leaves the EU. He described it as “Canada plus plus plus” – a reference to the free trade deal struck between Canada and the EU. […]

Johnson’s talks on jailed Briton in Iran ‘worthwhile’

Image copyright EPA Image caption Boris Johnson concluded his visit to Iran with a meeting with President Rouhani UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has had a “worthwhile visit” to Iran and met President Hassan Rouhani on a second day of talks in the country. A Foreign Office spokesman said both “spoke forthrightly” on several issues, […]

Jeremy Hunt challenges Ralf Little

The health secretary says he’ll debate actor Ralf Little over claims he’s lied about the NHS. In an interview with Newsbeat, Jeremy Hunt says he’s waiting for the Royal Family star to “show the evidence” that he hasn’t expanded NHS mental health provision. The pair started rowing on Twitter weeks ago after the MP appeared […]

Brexit: MPs call for ‘meaningful’ Commons vote

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The EU Withdrawal Bill will be debated again in Parliament on Tuesday A cross-party group of MPs says the promise of a “meaningful vote” for Parliament on any Brexit deal should be enshrined in the EU Withdrawal Bill. Former Conservative attorney-general Dominic Grieve will table such an amendment to […]