Frankfurt WW2 bomb defused after mass evacuation

Image copyright AFP Image caption Bomb disposal experts from Germany’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Division sat next to the defused device on Sunday Bomb disposal experts in Frankfurt have successfully defused a massive unexploded bomb from World War Two, officials have announced. The news was greeted with spontaneous applause among some of about 65,000 people who […]

Frankfurt WW2 bomb: Mass evacuation completed

Media captionA man leaves his Frankfurt home in the evacuation About 65,000 Frankfurt residents have left their homes for the day to allow experts to defuse a massive unexploded bomb from World War Two. Police say the defusing operation has begun following the biggest evacuation in post-war German history. Police checked every designated house with […]

Frankfurt hospitals evacuated before WW2 bomb disposal

Image copyright AFP Image caption Hospital patients were bussed to other parts of the city Patients at hospitals in Frankfurt have been moved to prepare for the controlled explosion of a huge bomb left over from World War Two. The 1.4 tonne British bomb, found on a building site on Wednesday, will be made safe […]

Ryanair flight delayed by ‘drunk jihadist jokers’

Image copyright PA Image caption Ryanair says that it treats security on its flights with the utmost seriousness A flight from Brussels to Madrid was delayed by more than two hours while police searched for explosives after a party of Belgian men started making jokes about being Islamists with bombs. Passengers were evacuated as police […]

Germans in Aachen get free iodine amid Belgium nuclear fears

Image copyright AFP Image caption Tihange nuclear power station worries Germans near the Belgian border The western German city of Aachen has started issuing free iodine tablets to some 500,000 residents and people living nearby because an ageing Belgian nuclear plant is seen as a risk. People can register on the city website to receive […]

Maëlys de Araujo: Second man held over missing girl

Image copyright AFP Image caption Investigators believe Maëlys was taken away in a car A second man has been detained over the disappearance of a nine-year-old girl at a wedding party in Isère, eastern France. The man, who was in the area at the time, will be questioned over “contradictions” in his statement to police, […]

XFEL: Brilliant X-ray laser comes online

Image copyright XFEL Image caption The XFEL was considered a must-have machine for European science One of the most powerful X-ray machines ever built has officially opened in the German city of Hamburg. The facility, which has cost more than a billion euros to build, will be used to study the detailed structure of matter, […]

Sales of inefficient vacuum cleaners banned

Image copyright Getty Images Sales of vacuum cleaners producing more noise and heat than suction are restricted under EU rules from today. Vacuum cleaners using more than 900 watts and emitting more than 80 decibels will be banned when stocks run out. Some anti-EU campaigners say homes won’t be properly cleaned if people have to […]

Car makers offer scrappage deals in race for new customers

Image copyright Getty Images Renault-Nissan and Kia are the latest car companies to launch car trade-in schemes, aimed at persuading UK customers to swap older, more polluting, car models for new ones. Earlier Volkswagen and Toyota announced diesel scrappage schemes, joining BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Vauxhall who have all launched schemes. The car companies […]

Case against Auschwitz Nazi, 96, to be thrown out

Image copyright AFP Image caption Hubert Zafke faced 3,681 counts of being an accessory to murder German prosecutors have said a case against a 96-year-old former SS medic should be thrown out because he is unfit to stand trial. Hubert Zafke is accused of assisting in the killing of 3,681 people at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration […]