New Amazon Go concept won’t replace humans, investor says – CNBC

Immediately after the announcement, reporters at Quartz and The Wall Street Journal cried the experimental store might signal the end of “millions of cashier jobs.” But while there would be some employment impact of a widespread application of Amazon Go technology, humans remain a very positive part of retail, McNamee said. Unlike other shopping experiences […]

Venezuela to Issue Bigger Bills This Month as Currency Plunges – Bloomberg

With the value of Venezuela’s largest banknotes reduced to a few U.S. cents by triple-digit inflation and the currency’s collapse on the black market, the country’s central bank said it will begin circulating higher-denomination notes this month. New denominations including bills of 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 bolivars will start appearing at banks from […]

For now, Trump bears signs of a dealmaker, not a policymaker – Washington Post

WASHINGTON — He phones. He kibitzes. He cajoles. He threatens. He rewards. It’s a freewheeling style that President-elect Donald Trump used to stop Carrier from shipping 800 jobs from an Indiana factory to Mexico. And it marks a radical shift from the measured words and scripted events that typify most presidents-elect. It’s the agenda of […]

US Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 178000 in November; Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.6% – Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON—U.S. employers hired at a steady clip in November while the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in nine years, signs of enduring labor-market growth that will likely leave Federal Reserve officials on track to raise interest rates later this month. Nonfarm payrolls rose by a seasonally adjusted 178,000 in November from the prior […]

Trump Turns to Schwarzman, Dimon for White House Panel on Jobs – Bloomberg

President-elect Donald Trump turned to some of Wall Street’s biggest names on Friday to create a panel of business leaders that will give him strategic advice on the economy after he takes office, including two financiers with deep Democratic roots.  Blackstone Group LP Chief Executive Officer Stephen A. Schwarzman will chair the President’s Strategic and […]

Exclusive: How Putin, Khamenei and Saudi prince got OPEC deal done – Reuters

VIENNA Russian President Vladimir Putin played a crucial role in helping OPEC rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia set aside differences to forge the cartel’s first deal with non-OPEC Russia in 15 years. Interventions ahead of Wednesday’s OPEC meeting came at key moments from Putin, Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Iran’s Supreme Leader […]

Goldman Sachs poised for return to power in Trump White House – Politico

Goldman Sachs poised for return to power in Trump White House – Politico

Wall Street’s most powerful firm, Goldman Sachs, is dominating the early days of the incoming Trump administration. | Getty Finance By Ben White 11/30/16 12:04 PM EST NEW YORK — Government Sachs is returning to Washington. After a decade in the wilderness, Wall Street’s most powerful firm, Goldman Sachs, is dominating the early days of […]

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