Antarctica fruitcake: 106-year-old dessert ‘left by Capt Scott’

Image copyright Antarctic Heritage Trust Image caption Antarctica’s freezing conditions helped to preserve this cake, which researchers say is in “excellent condition” Ice-covered Antarctica is one of the earth’s most hostile natural environments. But a new find by the Antarctic Heritage Trust suggests it’s no match for a 106-year-old British fruitcake. Conservators found the elderly […]

Hong Kong activist ‘abducted by Chinese agents’

Image copyright AFP Image caption Howard Lam says he was warned against trying to engage with Liu Xia A veteran democracy activist in Hong Kong says he was kidnapped, beaten and tortured by agents of mainland China after trying to get in touch with Liu Xia, the widow of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo. […]

North Korea: US diplomacy is gaining results, says Mattis

Media captionMattis: “The tragedy of war is known… it would be catastrophic” US Defence Secretary James Mattis has said America still hopes to solve the North Korea crisis using diplomacy. After days of fiery rhetoric from both the US and North Korea, Mr Mattis said war would be “catastrophic” and that diplomacy was gaining results. […]

WeChat, Weibo and Baidu under investigation

Image copyright Reuters China’s largest social media platforms – Weibo, WeChat and Baidu Tieba – are under investigation for alleged violations of cyber security laws. The Office for Cyberspace Administration said the three platforms had failed to police content on their sites. It said people had been using the platforms to spread terrorism-related material, rumours […]

Australia ‘would aid’ US in event of North Korea attack

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull in New York in May Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has said his nation is prepared to join a conflict against North Korea if the United States comes under attack. Pyongyang said on Wednesday it had a plan to fire four missiles near the US […]

Trump to North Korea: Be very, very nervous

Media captionTrump says his earlier warning to North Korea “wasn’t tough enough” President Donald Trump has warned North Korea it should be “very, very nervous” if it does anything to the US. He said the regime would be in trouble “like few nations have ever been” if they do not “get their act together”. His […]

Nepal criminalises banishing menstruating women to huts

Image copyright AFP Image caption In some parts of Nepal, women sleep in huts like these during their periods Lawmakers in Nepal have passed a law criminalising a practice that forces women from their homes during menstruation. Under the law anyone who makes a woman observe the custom faces a three-month jail sentence and a […]

Ruth Pfau: Pakistan’s ‘Mother Teresa’ dies aged 87

Image caption Dr Pfau with Pakistani flood victims in 2010 Ruth Pfau, a German doctor and nun who dedicated her life to eradicating leprosy in Pakistan and has been described as the country’s Mother Teresa, has died in Karachi aged 87. She died in hospital after being admitted on Friday, her order said. Dr Pfau […]

Chinese satellite sends ‘hack-proof’ message

Image copyright vladimir_n Image caption Lasers help generate a quantum state that changes when anyone eavesdrops on it China has successfully sent “hack-proof” messages from a satellite to Earth for the first time. The Micius satellite beamed messages to two mountain-top receiving stations 645 km (400 miles) and 1,200 km away. The message was protected […]