Afghan army base destroyed by Taliban suicide bombers

Image copyright EPA Image caption A soldier at a checkpoint leading to the Maiwind district of Kandahar, where this attack took place At least 43 Afghan soldiers have been killed and nine wounded after two suicide bombers in Humvee armoured vehicles destroyed a military base in the southern province of Kandahar. Six are still missing […]

Jacinda Ardern becomes New Zealand’s youngest woman leader

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Labour’s Jacinda Ardern is the next prime minister New Zealand is set for a centre-left coalition government led by Labour head Jacinda Ardern. Ms Ardern has been opposition leader for the last three months. At 37, she is set to be the country’s youngest prime minister since 1856. Her […]

Myanmar fire guts iconic Yangon hotel Kandawgyi Palace

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption The fire began in the early hours of Thursday morning A massive fire has destroyed an iconic luxury hotel in the city of Yangon in Myanmar, killing one person. Two others were injured in the blaze which began around 03:00 (20:30 GMT Wednesday) at the Kandawgyi Palace. The hotel, […]

Xi Jinping: China’s president ‘to get own political theory’

Media captionBBC China editor Carrie Gracie has a look at the Communist Party messages all over Beijing Chinese president Xi Jinping is to be given his own political theory, according to state news agency Xinhua. It will be known as “Xi Jinping Thought” and has 14 principles, the agency says. The theory is likely to […]

US: Tillerson calls for India ties to counter China

Image copyright Reuters US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said the US wants to deepen co-operation with India in the face of growing Chinese influence in Asia. He described India as a “partner” in a “strategic relationship”, adding the US would “never have the same relationship with China, a non-democratic society”. He said Beijing […]

China’s leader and the speech that spells power

Image copyright EPA Image caption The aptly-named Great Hall, where more than 2,000 delegates attended for one lengthy speech If anyone doubts that China retains an unreformed Leninist political system, then the goings-on inside the Great Hall of the People over the past few hours should put them straight. Firstly, the president – and general […]

Is Delhi’s Diwali firework ban an attack on Hinduism?

Image copyright Reuters It was meant as a way to tackle air pollution – but it ended up as the subject of a fierce online debate about religion. India’s supreme court banned selling firecrackers during Diwali, igniting an uproar as some saw the ban as an attack specifically on Hinduism’s biggest festival. Chetan Bhagat, the […]

Australia citizenship overhaul hits Senate hurdle

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Australia’s government will revise a bill on citizenship requirements An Australian government plan to overhaul its citizenship process has stalled after opposition parties effectively blocked its Senate passage. The proposed bill would have made it harder to gain citizenship. It included requirements for applicants to have advanced English language […]

India Diwali: Delhi acts against pollution menace

Image copyright AFP Image caption Authorities crack down on pollution in Delhi a few days before the festival of Diwali India’s capital is enacting a plan to combat hazardous smog, as air pollution in Delhi hits “very severe” levels. The plan, which includes traffic restrictions and the shutdown of a major power plant, was announced […]