‘I trust President Trump to keep us safe’

The BBC’s Olivia Lace-Evans has been talking to Republican-leaning Staten Island, New York City, to hear from people on the street what they think of President Trump’s executive order. The order stops all refugee admissions and temporarily bans entry of nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries. ‘I trust President Trump to keep us safe’

Chile forest fires: 43 detained for suspected arson

Chilean authorities have detained more than 40 people for their “possible responsibility” in causing deadly forest fires in southern and central Chile, President Michelle Bachelet says. At least 11 people have been killed and several thousand left homeless by the fires, which have raged across large sections of the country for nearly two weeks. Richard […]

Uganda’s enterprising bag lady

When the Ugandan government banned plastic bags, Rusia Orikiriza was a young student, but she spotted a business opportunity. She began manufacturing and supplying bags and boxes made from recycled paper. Before she had graduated she was employing 18 people. Uganda’s enterprising bag lady

BYU football: Coaches comfortable with recruits Cougars will sign Wednesday – Salt Lake Tribune

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Three Ways Black Tomato Will Change How You Travel In 2017 – Forbes

Three Ways Black Tomato Will Change How You Travel In 2017 – Forbes

Riding Horses In Patagonia, Chile Near Torres Del Paine. (Image by Lauren Mowery.) With the advent of low-cost travel, the world has contracted; on the downside, destinations have turned bland and homogenized in vaguely familiar ways. For example, one can find a version of “little Brooklyn” featuring restaurants tiled in white subway ceramic employing bearded […]

House Dems demand meeting with DHS chief over Trump travel ban – Fox News

Top House Democrats have demanded an emergency meeting with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to get clarification over President Donald Trump’s immigration restrictions, which have been a source of controversy since they were put into action late last week. Democrats on the judiciary, homeland security and foreign affairs oversight committees wrote a joint letter […]

US Travel Restrictions Put Saudi Arabia in a Bind – Wall Street Journal

Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam and home to the religion’s two holiest sites, has long used its religious clout to project its role as a regional leader. Now that same clout has caught the kingdom in a prickly dilemma. The monarchy’s desire to cultivate a better relationship with the Trump administration than it had […]